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Working with a realtor when buying a house - Part 1

Working with a realtor when buying a house - Part 1There is a reason you use a realtor - her expertise in real estate will help you to get the best deal, whether you are buying or selling. Real estate is a highly specialized field and there are massive pitfalls awaiting those who do not have an expert at their side to guide them through the complexities of buying a house. The home you plan to buy will probably be the single biggest investment of your life and the foundation on which the future of your family future will rest. Unlike other professionals you may interact with in life, a realtor is a person who really gets to know you, your family and your expectations. These are the parameters she will use to find you the home you want. Working with a realtor can be a rewarding experience in many ways, as long as you, as the client, remember the accepted protocols for this professional relationship.For those looking for homes and real estate in Milpitas, here is a guide to working with a realtor/ master broker agent.

Develop a strong professional relationship

Realtors are "people persons" in that they get along well with almost everyone. However, they are also professionals and there are ethics and policies they must adhere to. If a realtor seems to be not as friendly as you would like, there may be a work-related reason for this.If you feel uncomfortable talking to or dealing with a realtor, talk to her about your reservations. If open communication does not increase the comfort levels, you should look for someone else.

A good realtor will have other clients, so she will not be able to be at your beck and call. Do not make unreasonable demands on her time. It is normal for a buyer to be impatient and to want to be kept informed about all possibilities and opportunities. You are the client and have a right to contact your realtor when you need to. The operative words here are "need to." Pestering her with a barrage of calls and text messages asking for information, will waste her time and distract her from finding you the house you want.

If you are running late for an appointment, call and let her know so that you can reschedule for another time. Both of you are busy people and neither of you has time to waste. Mutual respect for each other's time is the basis of a good working relationship.

Realtors work on commission so they are motivated to work in the best interest of the client. Do not expect them to work for free or make unreasonable financial demands on them. The commission is her income and it guarantees that you both have a common interest - that of finding the right home and closing the deal as soon as possible.

If you have a number of potential realtors to choose from and decide to go via the interview route, let them all know what you are doing. This will establish trust and mutual respect with the person you settle on.

Remember that the realtor will be an integral part of your life while you are looking for a home. This is a close and very important relationship because it is based on such a significant aspect of your life. A good realtor will carry the burden of the search for Milpitas homes for you.

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